1. Have each person line up and stand on a poly spot, place the extra spot in the middle of the line
2. The goal of the game is to get side A to side B and Side B to side A, all facing forward
3. The rules are as follows:
· No moving backwards
· A person can only move forward to an empty space
· A person can not “jump over” their own team mate
· Only one person may move at a time
· One spot per person, no sharing
· If any of these rules are broken, the group must begin again

1. Was your group successful in their task?
2. Were you successful as a group?
3. Did everyone participate?
4. Did you communicate effectively?
5. In what ways did you act together as a group to solve the challenge?
6. Did anyone feel frustrated during the activity? How did you deal with this?
7. Think about these Keys to success of problem solving in groups:
· Communication
· Planning
· Motivation


Poly Spots, one per person plus one. Any type of marker that one can stand on is fine.
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