This is the same process that pro arborists use to get up in the trees with out the use of tree harming spikes.

A special arborist class rope is set over a branch in the tree and with the use of a unique load bearing acsencion knot, campers go up into the tree. The campers wear a special tree climbing saddle, climbing helmet and gloves. It is a great activity. We have had our grove set up for two years and Tree Climbing quickly became one of our most popular activities.

Go to to for info on the sport and to purchase any equipment you might need. Or call me, Andy Adams, at (434) 454 7676.


Arborist Class Blue Safety Rope Climbing Helmets Tree Climbng Saddles Carabiners 12 oz throw ropes Throw Line Instruction on very specific knots. Tree with limbs that are at least the diameter of an adult persons thigh.


Campers use ropes to ascend to heights in the trees of your choice. It is a great way for campers to achieve personal goals. We have built a platform in one of our trees that is about 35' above the ground and is a great goal for campers to strive for.
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Submitted by: Andy Adams, (Director - Camp Staunton Meadows)

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