roles: campers are the split into either troy or greece
counsellors are made into different positions (use at discretion of group size) Gods , dungeon guard , troy and greece captains(archilles( brad pitt) and prince hector ( eric Bana) or kings and queens and one helen of troy.

played in the middle of a field a large rope circle layed on the ground is to represent mount olympus inside is helen of troy mount olympus is protected by the gods who tag you get one kill on the camper marks their hand with a washable marker once a camper gets 5 marks on their hand they must sit in the dungeon for the remainder of the game
if a camper tags another they are temporarly frozen and can be released by by others on same team by running through the legs of frozen camper. ( the way you are tag is if you get your sock pulled or if your camp has flag football flags they also work)
the campers will be trying to run around other campers and staff (so remember Heads up)to get inside of mount olympus to save helen of troy but it is not that simple helen of troy will ask your campers a question about your camp in different levels of difficulty if they know the question they can answer if not they can risk be caught and run back to thier kings and queens and ask them if they know place senior staff on as kings and queens as they will know the most about your camp. once your team either troy or greece has answeredthe destined number of questions the game is over . extra if u puts hula hoops on the ground they act as temples of worships and can protect you from a god who's chasing you .

if the game goes by quickly play again making the it harder all the kills the campers have stay in play remove half the temples of worship and make the questions harder
enjoy i know i did


3 50 ft plus ropes sock or flag footbal flags each per camper or staff on the field markers for gods to represent kills hula hoops that represent temples of worships ( safe Zones)


the classic battle of troy vs greece. back story helen of troy has stolen the fountain of youth from the gods temple of mount olympus and both troy and greece are trying to save her.
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Submitted by: Wes Aitken

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