Arrange a group of 10-20 participants in two lines facing each other, with the participants about six feet apart from the person next to them. Once the individual lines are set, separate the lines from one another by about eight feet. All particpants put their hands up to spot for safety.

Have two pariticpants stand at one end of the lines in the middle of the space or “tube” as “stoppers.”

The first participant stands at the start of the “tube” with their eyes closed and hands out and attempts to run between the lines to the other end

If the participant runs perfectly straight, the “stoppers” catch them by the waist at the other end.

If the runner veers off to either side, the side spotters gentlly guide and spot the runner from the shoulders back into the middle of the tube.

Rotate runners with willing participants.

Some runners will run confidently (and fast), while others will be very tentative. Either type of runner will follow an unpredictable course, so be sure to keep an eye on the participants in the side lines to make sure that they are properly spotting.

This activity is best done after the group has gone through a thorough spotting orientation, as well as trust walks.
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