Before students arrive lay a flat sheet out on the floor. Now set up about forty or more mouse traps. The cheap ones work perfect. I bought 2 for $2.00 at Norther Tool. They don't trip easy and are easy to set. Line them up so as to make just enough room for one foot to barely fit. Get a volunteer to be the "victim". Then get a volunteer to be the "guide". Blind fold the "victim". Place him or her at the front of the sheet and explain to them that the "guide" will lead them through the field of mouse traps. To make things interesting have the "victim" remove their shoes. While they are preparing to "feel the Pain", the other students will be or should be making enough noise for you to safely pull the sheet of mouse traps out of the way so there is absolutely no danger. But the "Victim" has no clue to this. As the guide leads the victim have a few mouse traps "pop" or trip to startle the "Victim". Towards the end tell the "victim" that they will have to jump over a big section of the traps and not to jump too far because there are traps set up at the end. Be sure to video it because this is hilarious.


flat sheet forty or more traditional mouse traps


follow directions Great to lead into a lesson on trusting God fully.
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Submitted by: Robert Prestwood

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