The scene begins with a counselor dragging a sleeping bag (with another counselor inside) out in front of the campers and announces that they have captured the biggest, meanest, ugliest monster behind the girls' cabins.

The counselor begins to describe how ugly the monster is; big glowing red eyes, large yellow fangs. The counselor then ask if anyone is brave enough to look at the monster.

The "volunteers" are all in on the skit. The first volunteer looks in the sleeping bag and screams and runs away. The same happens with a second and third volunteer.

The counselor now ask for one more volunteer. This should be another counselor who doesn't mind having a joke played on them and is not in on the skit. This time as the volunteer looks in the sleeping bag, the "monster" in the sleeping bag screams and runs away.


Sleeping bag, large blanket, or sheet to completely cover the "monster".


To play a fun prank on a fellow counselor.
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Submitted by: Jeanne Philippo

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