Rules are the same of Everybody's It , in which everyone can tag or be tagged.

The variation in Ultimate Everybody's it is that when tagged players who are seated tag a live player, they can get up and run again.

For example, Johnny tags Kristina, Kristina sits down and puts her arm up to tag other players. If she then tags Peter, she stands up and Peter sits down.

CvC stands for Campers vs. Counselors. In this version of Ultimate Everybody's It, the campers line up on one side of the playing field and the counselors of the camp on the other. Then they try to tag each other. Campers are on one team counselors on the other. Campers cannot tag campers and Counselors cannot tag Counselors.


Campers, Counselors, a field to play on and the ability to have fun


The campers are trying to tag all the counselors while the counselors try to tag all the campers.
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Submitted by: Josh Ryan

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