The great thing about the game is that you can play it with four players (two on two), sixteen (eight on eight), or thirty (fifteen on fifteen). Also, you can use one ball for small groups or multiple balls for larger groups. It goes by the same basic principle as the traditional keep away game, but it's so much better.

Two teams, with each team having an identifying tag, like a colored bandana (yellow vs. purple bandanas). Then, say, if you have thirty kids, fifteen on fifteen, then you might throw three or four balls out and then let them at it. If you get tagged with a ball in hand by a person on the other team, then you go to jail, so you have to keep throwing it to your fellow teammates as quickly as you can. The ball keeps moving, kids keep going to jail, and ever so often, you can call "jail break!" to let the game keep going forever. It's great!
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Submitted by: Blake Edwards

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