All players must start by standing in a circle facing each other with their hands together (as if they were giving themselves a high five) at their chest. The lead player (after the first round, the lead player will be the winner of the previous round) will bow and loudly say "Ultimate," and then everyone in the circle will bow back and say "Ninja!" as they jump backward and choose a pose. Once they have chosen a pose, everyone except the lead player must stay frozen.

The lead player will then try to hit another player's hands in one swift motion. They must freeze in the position they were in at the end of their attack, and they must keep their hands together. If they hit another player's hands, that player is out of the game for the rest of the round. The "attacked" player may move out of the way, but must re-freeze in their new position.

From there, each person will take a turn going clockwise around the circle. Players may attack anybody and move anywhere they want as long as they remain frozen (unless they are attacking or being attacked). The game is over when there is only one player left!

The game moves relatively quickly, but players tend to be enthusiastic about playing multiple rounds.


No props are required. Players must be mobile and there must be a large enough open space for the players to stand in an unobstructed circle.


Players must eliminate other players by hitting their hands. While doing so, they end up in hilarious, ninja-like poses.
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Submitted by: Ryan Lee, (Kid's & Youth Camp Staff - Springville Camp and Conference Center/Assemblies of God)

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