Choose two teams.

Using cones, make two square-shaped goals (sides=about 4 feet) about 20 yards from each other.

Each team wants to pass the ball to a teammate standing within its respective goal for a point.

PASSING: Like Ultimate Frisbee, the ball must be moved by passing it to a teammate. When a camper has possession of the ball, he/she may not move but must pass it. Unlike Ultimate Frisbee, any loose or dropped pass is up for grabs.

SCORING: A camper must pass the ball to a teammate standing with both feet within its goal for a score. The ball may NOT be handed off at any time, especially for a score. The defensive team may not enter the goal, but can stand around its edge in an attempt to disrupt/intercept the passes of the offensive team. If a pass is dropped or incomplete and stays within the goal, the camper must pass it out to a teammate and try again.

STRATEGY: The faster the ball is moved, the better. Using passing for different angles to increase the likelihood of a score (rather than trying to force it) makes for a much more fun game.


-a sturdy softball-sized foam ball -8 cones


To pass the ball to a teammate standing within the square goal.
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Submitted by: Kurt Leapley

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