This works better with a large campus. This is a war version of a 4 way capture the flag. The canp is divided into 4 sections by colors. Each team has a general who has the "flag" the other teams are trying to get, in thier back pocket.

Every player must have a visible sock in thier back pocket. To identify the team players, a piece of your team's colored yarn will be on your wrist. If you are in another teams territory, a player on the opposing team may pull their sock and will have to go to their team's jail.

There can only be a jailbreak if the "UN" comes around on a golf cart,car,etc. and declares jailbreak. Than the people in jail will be free. If a general's sock is pulled, the general's team will be a part of the team who caught them and will share teritories, the games goes until the whole camp is conqoured by 1 team.

Once a team is captured the general will contact the UN and everyone will return to their team's base. If the horn is sounded more than once, the game is over.


4 Staff Members (as generals) Campers (for offense and defense) a UN Staff member with an airhorn, bell, etc. Walkie Talkies 4 colors of yarn


To conquer the camp
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Submitted by: Kyle Heimbrock

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