The game is set up like a regular Dodgeball game with teams separated by a boundary line although it can also be played in a circle for even more of a challenge.

One person is designated as the V.I.P. The V.I.P then is allowed to choose his or her bodyguards. The game usually works best when the V.I.P has at least 2 bodyguards but no more than 5. All the other players are on one side of the line and their job is to hit the V.I.P, if the V.I.P is hit just once the game is over. The job of the bodyguards is to protect and defend the V.I.P, they can be hit up to three times before being out. The V.I.P is allowed to throw balls as well but runs a higher risk of being hit.

If a bodyguard is struck three times and gets out, he or she can be brought back into the game if the V.I.P catches a ball. Only the V.I.P not another bodyguard is able to restore a bodyguard back into the game.

As for people on the other side of the line, they only have ONE life and are out after being hit once. It is up to the person leading the game as to whether people on the other side are allowed back in after catches.


To hit the V.I.P The bodyguards to successfully protect the V.I.P.
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Submitted by: Kenya Baker

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