Vader, Choose Your Corner
Choose one person to be in the middle to be Darth Vader. Everyone else is in a corner of the room (four corners). Facilitator will shout “Vader, Choose Your Corner!” At this time the Vader will point to any two corners.
The people in these corners run to switch to the other corner Vader chose. As they are running, the Vader tries to tag someone. If Vader tags someone, then that person becomes a Storm Trooper. Vader and the Storm Trooper(s) go back to the center and Vader chooses another two corners (only Vader has the power to choose the corners).
The Storm Troopers are now able to tag others as well as Vader to make more Storm Troopers. The remaining person who has not been tagged is the winner and also the new Vader.
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Submitted by: Kelly Bossidy

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