use burlap to cut double bee shapes about 6" long. Hot glue ends nad stuff the bees. Then children paint the bees yellow and black striped. next take a paint stick and the students paint hte stick black and yellow. Then the teacher or adult helper glues the bee to the stick.
2nd- use an old large family size metal coffee tin or soup can and spray paint it blue. Make a decorative sign that says "Ill BEE Blue w/o u! Use a piece of tagboard or cardboard. AFter the can and bee dry hot glue the bee to the stick glue the stick inside the can. THen glue the sign to the outside of the can. We filled our cans with colored crepe paper for decoration.. Finally drill small holes in sides of can and thread wire with beads through holes for a handle!!! This can be used to exchange valentines, or as a decorative prize for Valentines!!!!


Coffee can or large soup can Blue spray paint burlap cartoon simple bee photo hot glue dun paint stick card board markers ribbon for decoration


Valentine can , or a Valentine gift for kids to give
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Submitted by: Lindy Groat

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