This is a really fun, easy game that our campers loved. Vegetable Garden may be used as a simple rainy day game, or a great ice breaker.

You have everyone get into tight circles sitting down.(Group sizes depend on size of group, 6-10 is ideal.) Now, every camper needs to choose a vegetable, or you could assign them by having pre-made vegetable cards.

The main rule of the game is that from the start, no one can show their teeth! So you must speak with our lips over our teeth, and your goal is to get others to smile and show their teeth.

You play by choosing the sun and telling them to start. They will say their vegetable twice and then say another vegetable. It would go something like this ", Tomato, Tomato- Cucumber!" You go around the circle like that for however long you want the game to go.

Every circle has a sun and a compost pile. You want to be the sun! Every time someone shows their teeth you go to the compost pile, and everyone else moves up closure to the sun.

This game is really fun, and our kids really liked it. I played it with my senior class officers and they even liked it. The staff has just as much fun with this as the campers do.


Do not smile! Be the sun, and stay away from the compost.
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Submitted by: Matthew Wise

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