It was a dark and stormy night. There was a little girl just about your age getting ready to go to bed, when she heard a knock on her door.

A Deep, raspy voice called out "I am the Vindow Viper, and I am on your front porch"

The girl was scared and hid under her covers, hoping it would go away.

The voice came again, a little louder this time. "I am the vindow viper, I am at your front door"

Again she buried her head deep in the covers an pretended no one was home.

"I am the vindow viper, let me come inside now"

She didnt move, but the fornt door slowly creaked open and heavy footsteps came inside.

"I am the vindow viper, and I am in your front hall"

The voice was getting closer. She hoped that the voice would think she was gone and leave the house.

"I am the vindow viper, and I am on the staircase"

She could hear footsteps slowly approaching her room.

"I am the vindow viper, and I am in the hallway"

Petrified, she gripped her lucky bloanket and teddy bear, as she heard the footsteps stop outside her rooom.

"I am the vindow viper, and I am at your doorway"

Slowly, her door handle turned a a shadowy figure openstepped inside. The girl screamed.

"I am the vindow viper, and I am here to vipe you vindows"

Confused, she looked up and saw an old man holding a spray bottle annd rag, soaking wet form the rain. SHe lauged to herself, got him some warm clothes, and went to bed while e did his work.


dark room and good storyteller


A scary funny campfire story
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Submitted by: Selina Guevara

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