Start with 25 disc cones (here is a picture of a disc cone in case you need it...

Or use any object that can be easily flipped over. Place half of them upside down in any formation you like and the other half face up. Split kids into 2 groups and designate one team as the "Volcano" team and the other as the "Crater" team. Each team is trying, at the same time to flip the cones over to their side. So, the volcano team is trying to get all the cones to look like volcanoes (upright), while the craters are trying to get the cones to look like craters (upside down). Give them a set amount of time to do this (usually 1-2 minutes). When time is up count how many cones look like craters and volcanoes. The team with the most wins!

Note: Specify that you can only flip one cone over at a time and you can't carry the cones anywhere else.


Disc cones (at least 25)


This is a great exercise in team work while also teaching the kids balance, agility and quickness.
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Submitted by: Kaig Lightner

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