Set-up (this is the hardest part)

Ask everyone in the group to find a partner, if there is an odd number, the leader can participate with group member. It is very important that everyone has only one partner.

Have partners face each other and introduce themselves. Ask them to decide which is most like (eg) an apple or a lemon. The object is give each partner an identifying title.

Advise the partners to remember each other's names and faces.

Have the "apples" make a large circle facing outward.

Once the circle in constructed, have the "lemons" find their partners and face them. You will have two circles, one inside of the other.

The activity

Ask the group to discuss various topics with each other for 1 minute.

Once the minute is up, have the inside circle collectively rotate a number of partners in one direction. Now everyone has a new partner.

Have partners introduce themselves, and give the group a new discussion topic. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sample topics include:

If you could have lunch with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be, what would you talk about?

What is your favorite movie?

If you were to donate a million dollars, which charities would get your money, and why?

You can tailor the topics to the age group. The "Book of Questions" is great for topic ideas.


To learn more about other participants in your group.
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