Everyone stands in a circle.

The leader chooses a "Waaa master"

Then the leader explains that the waa master will do one of three different actions: an alligator(make jaws with your hands), a snake(put one elbow in the palm of the other hand like a cobrra standing up) or a dragon( put hands on your sides like wings)

After everyone understands the different actions, tell them that the waaa master will bow to them and say "waaa" Everyone else will then bow back and say "waaa"

then the waaa master says 1-2-3 Wa! and everyone does one of the actions. if someone in the circle does the same action as the Waa master then they are out. and play continues until there is a winner.

I think it could really be for any age older than 6
more fun with a big group. probably don;t play with less than 10 people, ecasue it is very fast paced.


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Submitted by: Emily Michaelis

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