Waboba is a ball that bounces on water. There are 4 different types of Waboba balls. The Waboba Blast is made specifically for the pools. The Waboba Surf, Extreme, and Pro are for different ages and levels.

There is an official game surrounding Waboba, which can be played with goals, or without. If playing without, the game is like keep away. The object of the game is to bounce the Waboba on the water between players in order to score points. Since the ball bounces on water, it's something many campers have never seen before! Play the game, and it's something they have never played before! It's new, exciting, and tons of fun.

There are also all sorts of other activities you can use with Waboba balls to improve hand/eye coordination, throwing accuracy, and catching/throwing skills. For example, setting up a "golf course" with floating rings in a lake. Campers have to bounce the Waboba into the ring or closest to a pin to score points.

For more information or to receive the official game rules and our Bounce Ahead activity guide, please contact jordan@waboba.com
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