Everyone stands in a circle facing each other. Then everyone extends both of their hands into the middle of the circle. Everyone says "Waaaaaaaaah" and moves their fingers. Then a person will start the game by putting their hands together and saying "Wah!" while pointing to someone else in the circle. When this happens, everyone should put their hands together (throughout the whole game) pointing down in front of them. The person who is pointed at quickly puts thier hands together over their head and yells "Wah!". At the same time, the people on either side of that person "chop them in half" with their hands and yell "Wah!" The person with their hands raised then yells "Wah!" and points to someone else in the circle. It is the most fun when players are really dramatic with their hands and yelling. People are out when they react too slowly, do the wrong hand signal, or forget to yell "Wah!" After someone is eliminated, the game begins a new round. At the end, only three players will remain.


Fast reflexes.
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Submitted by: Jennifer Simmons

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