The “cast members” line up facing the audience. They lean forward and then take a step and act as if they have just fallen into a new world. They look around trying to figure out where there they are.

To paint the scene for the audience they name some of the things in the scene (of course these things are invisible). So, let's say the scene is a model runway... they actors say, "Wow, a catwalk, lots of clothes, bright lights... we must be models!" And they begin to play the part and walk the runway.

A "director" type character comes from offstage and says "Just because you can walk in high heels, doesn't make you a model (or something to that effect).

The actors sigh and say, "OK, OK, let's try this again."

They line up and give another fake fall into a new scene. If it is a boxing ring, they mention gloves and mouth pieces and begin to fight... director tells them this doesn't make them boxers. Do whatever scene you want.

If the skit is done by counselors, the punch line could be that the counselor fall into a camper scene and imitate their own campers. The director yells, "you're not campers! They are!" (Pointing to the audience).

You can also have campers call out scenarios from the audience.
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Submitted by: Laurie Horstman

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