this is a very descriptive game, so there are two sides the gods and goddesses (Cybelle- goddess of nature, Pyralis- god of fire, Cordelia- goddess of water and Lyrian god of air and wind) the other side are the mortals that have been corrupted by the god of war, Egon. either one can win. so here is how it is played. all the gods have different powers,Cybelle can root you to the ground for ten seconds, Lyrian can make you spin for 10 seconds if he touches you, Pyralis can touch and whichever limb he touches will go limp for ten seconds. but the most important goddess is Cordelia, who can heal mortals. she can only heal mortals if the mortal is being attacked and affected by another god at that moment. mortals can kill gods if two of them touch a god at the same time. if all mortals are cured then the gods win, if the mortals kill all of the gods then they win


nothing except your body and your smile (:


kill/heal the other team so that you can win
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Submitted by: Kiya Belt Gadgil

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