These are not only fun to make, but also bring the campers together!!!

End Result: You should get a koosh-ball shaped yarn medallion hanging from a yarn neclace. It would be good to practice this and have some models out for the campers so they know what this is supposed to look like.


1) Cut off one piece of yarn long enough toget over your head after you tie it, but DO NOT tie it yet

2) Have the campers choose two or more colors of yarn.

3) Take the end pieces of the colors of yarn and wrap them round your hand until you get a nice, thick
ball-shaped item, then stop. DO NOT cut anything yet.

4) At this time, another camper who is not working on their W&F or a counselor should help a camper who is working on their W&F. Take a piece of yarn and pass it under the yarn, touching the campers hand. Take this yarn and tie it to itself, around the yarn in the campers hand, VERY tightly.

5) Have the camper cut the yarn wrapped around their hand with scissors on the opposite side of where the yarn was just tied around the ball. At this point the yarn item is detached from the camper's hand that they wrapped it around.

6) Pass the first piece of yarn that you cut through the yarn tied around the ball. Then tie that piece to itself.

7) Trim the W&F so it looks very neat andcondensed, but not too small.

How It Works; Place the W&F around your neck as a neclace. If another camper hugs you or you hug them, you MUST give up your WARM & FUZZY. Soon your W&F will be passed all around camp, and the camp will become a big, hugging community!!


Many different colors of yarn Scissors


To bring campers closer together- it also alows a smoother transaction for campers to meet other campers fromother cabins. The most important thing is to have FUN with giving and getting a W&F. This activity DEFINITLY brings the shyness out of ANY CAMPER!!!!!!!!!!!
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Submitted by: Melissa Foster, (Camper - Sky Lake)

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