Take one hand and put the four fingers of that hand together (excluding the thumb). Then take a ball of yarn and wrap the yarn around the four fingers as many times as you feel necessary (75 seems to be a good number though). After this cut the yarn on your fingers away from the rest of the ball of yarn and have a buddy help you slide the yarn off your fingers. Then cut off another pice of yarn that is just long enough to tie a knot around the yarn you just took off your finger (the yarn should come off your finger looking like a cylineder and so should now look like a bow tie). Finally cut the two ends of the "bow tie" and fluff up the yarn and you have yourself a "Warm Fuzzy"


Yarn and scissors.


This is a perfect craft to stall time in between Camp Activities. Even though these take only roughly 7 minutes to make, my campers LOVED these things like no other!
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Submitted by: Ryan Vaughan

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