Play Ball!!

split up the campers into two teams (in regular baseball there are outfielders, but in this game the more infielders the better!)

each team has 3 outs like usual. Here's how it works,

the batting team sends up a player to home plate. On the home plate there is a bucket of balloons. the player takes the balloon and has two options:
1. he could either role the balloon on the ground 2.or he could throw it at an opposing player.

if he chooses to role it on the ground the "ball" is considered in play and the opposing team must get him out
( see how to play defense). BEWARE, if the balloon pops in his/her hand or on the ground while (s)he is trying to role it, then the player is OUT!

If he decides to throw it at an opposing player; if it hits an opposing player and it pops then he gets to go to 1st base. if the opposing player catches it and it doesn't pop then he is OUT.

How to play defense:

If the batter decides to role the balloon and it doesn't pop then the ball is in play. the team on defense must pick it up and either throw it at the batter (who is running wildly to first base)or throw it to their first baseman.

if they decide to throw it at the batter; if they miss him and the balloon pops- he is SAFE! If they throw it at him and the balloon hits him he is OUT! (it doesn't matter if the balloon bursts or not)

If they decide to throw it to their first baseman; if he catches it before the batter gets to the base the batter is out. If it pops when the first baseman tries to catch it then the batter is safe!


get as many players to score- like in regular baseball
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Submitted by: Moshe Robinson

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