Best night game ever!

We did this with six teams but you can adapt for the size of your group.

Cut 1 watermelon in half for each team. Cover the halves with Saran Wrap. Label each half clearly (we used colors: red, black, blue, etc.) Hide them in the woods. If you feel like making them a little easier to find, put a glowstick next to each half. Depends on the layout of your camp. Don't make them too easy to find, though.

When it gets dark, divide the kids into teams and give each three small pieces of duct tape. (You can just stick them on their clothing.) Send most of the counselors out to hide in the woods and scare the kids.

Send the kids out looking for the watermelons and tell them to avoid the counselors. (If you want to, you can give each team a glowstick so they can find each other easily.) Each time a counselor tags you, you must give up 1 piece of duct tape. When teams find their watermelon halves, they must eat out the center of the watermelon halves and duct tape them together. The first team to accomplish this wins!


1 watermelon for each team, Saran Wrap, glowsticks (optional), lots of duct tape


Find, eat, and tape together the two halves of your watermelon before the other teams do!
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Submitted by: Chandra Hisel

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