There were once two waves who were the best of friends. there was the tall wave named jay and the small wave, sammy jr. these waves would travel the ocean together, exploring the world. they travelled from indian ocean to the pacific ocean to the arctic ocean. they were really having a great time together until one day, the tall wave sees something strange way in the distance, he turns to his small friend and says "you know theres something going on over there, lets get closer" as they moved closer the tall wave, saw other waves crashing into the shore, and since they had never seen land before he became frightened, turning to the small wave he said" listen, buddy we've had a great run but i see whats going on in the distance, all he waves are crashing in and thats the end of them, soon we too will just crash into the shore and thatll be the end of us." the small wave looked at him and replied "no no, you don't understand, we are not waves, we're water"


This story is better told around a campfire, at night


this story has several morals, ask the kids what they think and youll get amazing answers.
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Submitted by: Joseph Schwartz

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