*Courtesy of Ashten

1 or 2 people start out in the middle of the stage. "I'm kind of bored. Hey! I know! I'll make a zoo!"
(Calls person 1 over.)
"Hey! ______ wanna be in my zoo!"
"Sure! What should I be?"
The zookeeper(s)think for a moment. Create your own animal, maybe a chicken-dolphin, or a wolf-monkey.
Continue calling up people until you have only 1 or 2 left, depending on the size of your group.

They will be the mom and the baby, or just the baby.

Baby says, "I wanna see da animals!"
*looks down*
"Hey! A scorpian/trantula!"
All animals run away, because remember, their not real animals.
"Oh, wait. It just rubber."


1 or 2 zookeepers. 1 baby. About 5 or more animals. Optional: 1 parent.
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Submitted by: Adriane Parker, (Twinkie)

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