What you need:
· 1 bucket per team full of water
· Lots of newspaper
· A few black bags to collect all the wet paper when the groups are done.
· A willing counselor / CIT (or both) for each group

Using only wet newspaper, have your own crazy fashion show by dressing up your counselor and or CIT! Be sure to make sure that all the newspaper is cleaned up before the next group arrives.

What you need:
· 1 bucket per team with at least 30 water balloons in each.
· Chalk or other markers to mark the start and finish line.
· A black bag to collect all the balloon pieces when the groups are done.

This relay race needs at least 2 teams with equal players (or the other team has 1 person go twice). The start and finish lines should be about 20 feet apart. Place the bucket of balloons at the start line in front of each team. When you say ‘go’ the first person grabs a balloon and runs to the finish line. When they reach the finish line then must sit on their balloon and pop it. The player then runs back to the start line and gives the next person in line a high five, and then they go and so on until the whole team is done. Make sure that the group picks up all the balloon pieces before moving on.

What you need:
· 2 buckets per team; one filled with water.
· 1 plastic baggie per team.

Put a bunch of pin holes in the plastic baggie. The groups line up sitting down, one in front of the other, so that they are facing the back of the person in front of them. The bucket that is full of water goes behind the last person; the empty bucket goes in front of the first person. When the race starts, the first person takes the baggie to the back bucket, fills it with water and then tried to get the water to the front bucket, but it has to be carried over the head of his / her team. He / she dumps the water that is left into the front bucket. The line shifts up and the first person sits in the back. The winner is whatever group has the most water in their bucket after the pre-determined about of time. Make sure that groups are not cheating by covering the holes – it might be best to say that they are only allowed to use one hand when passing the baggie!

What you need:
· 1 bucket per team filled with water.
· 1 XXL camp t-shirt per team.

The first person dunks the t-shirt into the bucket of water, puts it on, then runs across the field and back, takes it off and gives it to the next person in line. The next person does the same thing until the whole group is done. If the teams are uneven one person in the team may have to go twice.

What you need:
· 1 disposable cup per camper.
· 1 spoon full of chocolate pudding per camper.
· 2 chocolate cookies per camper.
· 1 plastic baggie per camper.
· 1 edible worm(gummi worm) per camper.
· 1 spoon per camper.

Each camper is given the above ingredients. Have the campers crush up the chocolate cookies in the plastic baggie, this should be done gently so as not to break the bag! Mix in the chocolate cookie with the chocolate pudding. Add the worm so that it looks like his head is poking out of the ground. Eat and enjoy!


Lots of water and various other items as shown in specific activities


Team building, Fun, A way to cool down on a hot day!
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Submitted by: Alison Smith, (Director - Camp Sonshine Africa)

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