I learned this game from a fun Canadian who worked at camp for a summer. I know it sounds painful and brutal, but it's really not. Read the directions below and try it out. I know your campers will love it.

All campers should be sitting in chairs in a circle with some space in between the chairs. Have one less chair than campers.

Place a chair in the center of the circle.

One camper walks around on the inside of the circle with a pool noodle.

The camper (A) with the noodle WHACKS one of the unsuspecting seated campers (B) with the pool noodle below the waist.

Camper (A) has to place the noodle on the chair in the center of the circle and run back to camper (B)'s chair before Camper (B) grabs the noodle off the chair and WHACKS camper (A) before they are seated. If camper (B) succeeds camper (B) places the noodle back on the chair and now camper (A) tries to WHACK camper (B) before they sit down in the chair. The camper who does not make it back to the chair contines the game by WHACKING another camper.

Often campers will get so excited that when they quickly place the noodle on the center chair it falls to the floor. They must pick the noodle back up and place it on the chair so that it does not fall off.

You can add one more noodleand have 2 people walking around inside the circle WHACKING people.


Pool noodles, Chairs
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Submitted by: Michelle Jackson, (Day Camp Director - Camp Caraway)

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