Whale Watch

The Whale Watch is a popular ropes course activity that is constructed by create a large platform with a see saw action, which imitates the rocking back and forth of a ship.

The objective is to have the group perform various functions on the platform without allowing the edges of the platform to touch the ground..

Sample Story Line

Before you begin. Be sure that the whale watch is properly balanced, so no ends are touching. The group should be standing off to the side.
  1. Your group is the worthy crew of a commercial whale watch ship. As deck hands, there job is simply to do what the captain says, without tipping the boat.
  2. The first thing the group needs to do is line up in the very center of the boat (above the fulcrum of the boat) and await their orders.
  3. Once the group lines up, apologize for not being clear on the instructions. They must line up in the center by age. Or height. Or whatever you choose.
  4. Once the group has completed this task, advise them that they must repor to their stations on either end of the ship. Divide the group in half however you like.
  5. Once the group is separated on either end of the boat, apologize for giving them the wrong stations. They must switch sides.
  6. When in place, you can give one side a bucket of water and tell them that they must make a chain from one end of the boat to the other and begin to bail out the extra water that has collected in the hull of the boat.
  7. Feel free to add you own challenges before having them exit the boat - without capsizing it.

Some facilitiation tips:

  • This is a great universal activity. It is very challenging and fun, and participants with all levels of physical ability can be successful.
  • You can blindfold folks, or make the group silent, to increase the level of difficulty.
  • If you have time, have the group sit and eat lunch on it.
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