(If your campers are hyper and "have the wiggles," this is a great game to play with them!)

Start by facing the campers, when you count to three, whip dramatically around so that you face the opposite direction. You should have already instructed your kids to WHISPER "Go away wiggles!" while you are not facing them. Once you turn around and are facing them again, they must become quiet. The object of the game is for you to catch them whispering.

Of course, after the game, tell the campers that since you are facing them, they should not talk so that you don't catch them whispering.

This game is a great crowd-calmer.

(On the flip side, if your campers are quiet and shy, or just plain sleepy, have them YELL instead of whisper. This tends to wake them up.)


A group of campers and a counselor


Calm a crowd of hyper kids ages 4-6
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Submitted by: Hannah Rose

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