have your kids(10 to 20) sit in a circle. then, tell them someone hid a bomb in your bag. oh no! Then. pull out a small, foam or dodgeball type ball. for best results, use a black ball and doodle on it with white marker. Mine looks like a bob-omb from mario. then, tell them you need a password to disarm the bomb. think of a 6-9 letter word, as if you were playing hangman. have kids call out letters, then pass the bomb to someone. after a number of tries, either blow up the bomb or give them the word. It's become my signature activity whenever I have 10-15 minutes to wait out. its also a great cooldown activity after heavy sport, or right before lunch. if you have older kids have them start singing ''tick...tick...tick...' between the rounds to pump them up. then, surpris them by going BOOM!


-1 ball (the bomb) -sheet of paper and markers(optional) -awesomeness


-get the word right letter by letter before the bomb goes off -use the same rules as a regular game of hangman
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Submitted by: Julien Barret

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