Whoosh Ball

Whoosh – Pass the whoosh ball around the circle in one direction by saying “whoosh.” You must be silly and try to move the whoosh as fast as you can.

Whoa – In order to stop the whoosh ball, or to change its direction the person who is “whooshed” the ball can say “whoa” and place an open palm in front of the “whoosher” which will stop the whoosh ball and change its direction. If a “whoosher” has been “double-whoaed,” a “whoa” on either side of them (directly from the person on their right and then on their left) the whoosh ball is to be sent around the circle as fast as it can until it reaches the “original double-whoaed whoosher.”

Zap – If a “whoosher” has been “whoaed” and believes that they might be “whoaed” a second time (and would like to avoid a “double-whoaed whoosh”) they can “zap” the whoosh ball across the circle to anyone (who is not at their direct right or left). In order to “zap” the whoosh ball, one must have possession of the ball and should step forward extending both arms and clapping their hands once in the direction of a person. A “zapped” whoosh ball can not be “whoaed” and a person can not “zap” during a “double-whoaed whoosh.”

Boing – At any time during the game, except during a “double-whoaed whoosh” the person with the whoosh ball can say “boing.” Once this is said, the person with the whoosh ball bends down to the ground at the hips and knees and says boing. As the “whoosher” does this, the rest of the group must also do this. Because this can get annoying quickly, “boing” can only happen 3 times in a row, and then the whoosh ball must be moved around the circle.

Freak-Out – When a person has a whoosh ball, and the ball is not traveling around the circle during a “double-whoaed whoosh,” they can call for a “Freak-Out” and all members of the circle must change places. The person who stated “Freak-Out” is still in possession of the whoosh ball and must then pass the whoosh ball around the circle.

Super-Freak-Out – This is the same as a “Freak-Out” with regards to when you can call for a “Super-Freak-Out, however, when “Super-Freak-Out” is called the person with the whoosh ball must give a theme to the “Super-Freak-Out” demonstrate it, and as the group switches places they must do what the theme of the “Super-Freak- Out” is. Example: “Super-Freak-Out” frog jump. Everyone jumps like a frog across the circle until all have changed places.


Group members must be mobile, and willing to participate.


The objective is to get people warmed up, moving around and comfortable with one-another. Whoosh Ball is spectacular because by being silly and creative the participants/group members have the ability to start their day off on the right foot, and they are setting the ground work for open communication and creative ideas.


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Submitted by: Mike Tedesco, (Program Director - YMCA Camp Quinnipiac/Cheshire Community YMCA)

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