Leader: "Are you ready?"
Campers: "We're ready!"
Leader: "To Wiggalow?"
Campers: "To Wiggalow!"
Everyone together: " We've got our hands up high (raise hands above head), our feet down low (move hands towards the ground), and that's they way we Wiggalow! Wigglaow, Wigg-wiggalow! (while saying the last line of the song, you make a movement from left to right with your arms at abouthip to chest height)


A leader and a way to convey/get the attention ofthe entire group!


To get everyone pumped up and following the directions of one person. We use this activity at a mela to get the group to pay attention and stop talking. It seems to do the trick nearly every time.
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Submitted by: MacKenzie Martin

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