Divide the group evenly into two new groups.

Have one group form a circle and sit on the ground or in a chair. These are your "Winkers."

Have the other group sit or stand (if in a chair) behind the first group. These are your "Tappers." They stand ready to tap the shoulders of the person in front of them. Tappers only move to tap shoulders, not to chase or run.

One "Winker" is chosen to start the game. This person begins the game by winking at any other "Winker" in the circle. The person who is winked at must try to switch spots with the 1st Winker without being tapped by their "Tapper."

If the person winked at successfully get up without being tapped, they switch places with the first Tapper and start the next round. If they are tapped by their Tapper, they switch places with their Tapper. Once they switch places, the original Winker still has to try to find someone to switch with them.


to get away without being tapped
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Submitted by: Rebecca Hudson

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