1. Put the rope down as a starting line.

2. Ask the group to select their best listener. Bring that person forward 20' and blindfold them. Tell them they cannot speak from then on until the game is over. Also tell them not to move unless told to do so.

3. Ask the group to select their best communicator. Bring them forward 10' and turn them so they face the group, who should all be standing on the starting line, the communicator may not turn around to look behind them. However, they are allowed to speak.

4.Tell the group on the starting line they may not say anything the game is over.

5. Now produce some props- a chair, a hoop, a hat, a glass, a jug of water, etc.

6. Produce a set of written instructions, e.g. "Direct the listener to put on the hat, sit on the chair and pour themselves a cup of water, then drink it!" -give these instructions to the group on the starting line.

7. Without speaking, the group has to make the communicator understand the directions so they can tell the listener what to do.

Note: "Mouthing" and whispering the directions to the communicator is not permitted. Miming only!

From the Ghost Ranch Ropes Course Manual, by Dr. Sylvia Shirley.
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