Make the perfect Harry Potter style wands.
Take a piece of A4 Paper and roll from one corner to the other, the easiest way to roll is to use a pencil inside, the best wands are rolled nice and tight, slide the pencil out and tape the roll so it doesn't uncurl. To strengthen your wand use a hot glue gun and insert into the ends of the wand to seal it and make an end, this really makes them sturdy.
Next use the glue gun and dribble around the wand, turning as you do so making wood like knots, bumps or patterns, as much or a little as you wish.
Let the hot glue dry completely.
Next spray paint the wands. Colours like black, gold and silver really make the wands look extra magical.

And dah dah... super cool wands everyone will love, and they are all individual and unique to the person who created them.


Paper, glue gun, spray paints
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Submitted by: Maxine Gill

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