1. Cut boards to size mentioned above.

2. Drill 2 holes at one end of each board.

3. Sand boards to smooth rough edges. Place paper under a board, lining up to fit on board, mark with pencil where the holes are located.

4. Paper punch 2 holes in each paper, following first sheet as a guide.

5. Cut 2 small strings of twine and lace through the holes and make a loop with it so you can turn the pages. (see photo)

6. Use markers to decorate the scrapbook as you wish. Have your camp friends autograph your book. Get your pictures developed once you get home. Add the pictures to your scrapbook. Be sure to write down your memories in the scrapbook.


2 boards (1/4" thick) cut to 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Saw to cut boards Sandpaper Drill and drill bit Hole punch Pencil Paper Twine Scissors Markers or paint and paintbrush Camera and film


Cool way to keep your camp memories together
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