A camper loudly proclaims himself as the Best Spitter in the World. He boasts about his spitting prowess, claiming that he can spit further than anyone else. Other campers, planted in the audience, challenge him to prove it.

The Spitter agrees to a demonstration and asks for someone in the audience to catch for him.

The Catcher volunteers.

The Spitter explains that he will stand about 20 feet from the Catcher. When the Catcher learns that he is to catch the Spitter's spit, he complains.

The Spitter then "finds" the water bucket at the edge of the campfire stage. The Catcher agrees with obvious relief.

They set up a short distance apart. The Spitter winds up and spits. The catcher reaches up and catches with a solid thump.

The Spitter takes a bow but the audience is not impressed. They say anyone can do that, they want something better. So the performance is repeated, this time at a greater distance (and maybe with a
corkscrew spin on it.)

After several tries, the Spitter claims that he can spit all the way around the world! The audience reaction is predictable. They set up; the Spitter spits, the Catcher ducks, waits, moves into position, and catches the spit (the Spitter may choose to dive out of the way just in the nick of time as the spit comes sailing up behind him.)

Now the planted campers yell that the spitter is a fake! They say he couldn't really spit all the way around the world.

The Spitter says, "Oh Yeah? Show them!" The catcher turns and throws water from the bucket into the crowd.


Equipment: A can (gallon size ideal) Preparation: The Catcher is the key performer. He must practice so that he can swing the can of water around without spilling or revealing the contents to the audience. He must also be able to tap the bottom of the can without being seen.
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