1. Cut 24 (12 inch or 30 cm) long pieces of yarn (yarn color number 1). Lie the yarn on a flat surface so that it looks like the spokes of a wheel, and so that the yarn intersects with each other in the center of the wheel.

2. Put a small ball of cotton, a little bigger than the size of a Ping-Pong ball in the center of the wheel. Gather up the pieces of yarn around the cotton and tie them with a piece of an other color of yarn (yarn color number 2).

3. Separate the yarn into groups of three, and braid them. Tie each braid at the end with a piece of yarn color number 2. You should then end up with 8 braids.

4. Glue two wiggle eyes onto the yarn surrounding the ball of cotton. Use either yarn or felt to make a mouth for your octopus and glue it on.


Two different colors of yarn Small ball of cotton Glue Wiggle eyes Felt, optional Ruler Scissors Glue


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