The object of this game is to allow the players the opportunity to pretend they are animals, trying to hide from Man.

The group walks a given distance down a nature trail, while the leader explains the rules:
1) Each player is given time to hide along the trail.
2)They may travel no more than 15 feet from either side of the trail
3) May use anything in the natural environment to provide camouflage.

The leader waits about five minutes until all players are hidden. He walks the distance of the trail ONCE ONLY, and tries to find as many people as possible.

After his walk, he calls out, and watches to see where all the successful 'animals' hid.

This game can be repeated many times, with different players taking the role of the searcher. It is fun to talk about the hiding places that were the most successful, and how animals might protect themselves from predators.


A set of "food chain cards" -i.e. cards with the name of an animal written on each, such that each animal plays a role in a food chain.
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