Have the group form a circle, with the facilitator in the middle serving as the first "caller."

Ask the participants to introduce themselves to the people directly on their left and right sides.

Explain to the group that the person in the middle will point to someone in the circle and say either "You" "Me" "Left" or "Right" and count to five at a reasonable pace.

"You" is the person being pointed at.
"Me" is the caller.
"Left" is the person to the left of the one being pointed at.
"Right" is the person to the right of the one being pointed at.

The person being pointed at must correctly name that person before the caller counts to five. If they succeed, the caller moves onto a different person of their choice. If they do not succeed, they become the new caller.

You can add multiple callers as the game moves on.

This is a quick-paced silly activity that helps move people around and memorize names.
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