This is an improv warm up game.

ROUND ONE: "ZIP ZAP ZOP" Form a circle. One person points to someone in the group and says, "ZIP". That person who receives it, points to a different person in the circle and says, "ZAP". The third person then points to another member of the circle and says, "ZOP". Once that is complete the phrase repeats and that person points and says "ZIP" to keep the phrase going. Strategy, be very clear who you are sending the zip, zap, or zop to. Eye contact helps.

ROUND TWO: "The Clap" Pick someone to start the clap. They look the person next to them in the eye & then both campers clap at the same time in front of their faces. The person then turns to the next person looks them in the eye and claps together. This sets the clap in motion around the circle. Once people are comfortable passing the clap around the circle it's round three time. Also, If campers don't clap together at the same time, reclap until it's in unison.

ROUND THREE: Combining round one & two. Set the clap around the circle. While the clap is happening, start the "Zip, Zap, Zop" game going. A strategy is try to keep your zip, zap, or zop away from where the clap is heading.

ROUND FOUR: "YOU!" A person points to a member of the circle and says, "YOU!" That person receiving says, "YES!" Then the two people switch places and run to each other's spot in the circle. Make your pointing and "You!" clear.

ROUND FIVE: Combine all the rounds so you have the clap going, the zip zap zop, and YOU! all in play....


Ice breaker, warm up, non competitive.
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Submitted by: Chris Mackar, (Recreation Coordinator/Camp Director - City of Painesville Summer Day Camp)

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