Sit your group in a circle. The 1st person starts by saying the word "zip". One person says it after another around the circle... zip, zip ,zip, zip etc.

Now tell the players that the aim is for no one to be able to see their teeth. They must cover them with their lips at all times. (pull them over your teeth as you would if you were rubbing in lipstick. Now go around the circle again saying zip. (It sounds more like zaip now!!)

Ok then explain to the players that they can change the direction that zip is going by saying zonk which makes it bounce around again the other way. A person is caught out if any player sees another's teeth. The accuser must show this by shouting teeth teeth, bending their arm up so their hand touches their shoulder and slapping their elbow. AT ALL TIMES TEETH MUST BE COVERED. People who are caught out must sit out of the circle.

When only 3 or 4 people are left have them stick out their tounges while keeping their teeth hidden. Keep playing the game. Eventually you should get a winner.
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Submitted by: Kate Teare

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