Have a group of kids sit in a circle. The leader is Zoomy Zoomy and everybody else is a number 1.2.3 and so on until everybody has one.

Clap your lap twice and snap twice to make a pattern. Zoomy Starts by chanting "Zoomy Zoomy, Zoomy ZooMa, Zoomy Zoomy, Zoomy ZooMa" to the pattern. Then the game starts.

Zoomy calls out a number twice, and that number has to repeat its number and say another number. Somebody can say Zoomy. Whoever messes up 1st is out. And the game continues.

Zoomy Zoomy, Zoomy ZooMa, Zoomy Zoomy, Zoomy ZooMa
Zoomy Zoomy (the leader) "Zoomy Zoomy 7 7,"
Person with the #7, "7 7 ,2 2"
Person with the #2, "2 2, Zoomy Zoomy"
Zoomy Zoomy, "Zoomy Zoomy, 3 3"
Persoon with the #3, "5 5...(Wrong didnt say their number 1st) so Number 3 would be out, now there is no number three..

So everybody has to know who is still in, and the game carries on.


Be the last one standing


Make sure to say your number twice along with another number. If you call a number that is already out you are out
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Submitted by: Amanda Woods

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