Who We Are

That's easy - we're camp people! Like many of you, our roots and passion lie in summer camp. We were bitten by the camp bug in the early 70's, and grew up on s'mores and bug juice. Our team has been running day camps or camping programs since 1990.

We can sing any camp song (loud and out of tune, of course), tell you ten stories about the "craziest sleep-over," relive the perils of hiring camp counselors or being hired as one. We've played 1,000 games of capture the flag, cooked over 100,000 hot dogs, and have countless memories of summers past. We are camp folk. It's in our blood.

If you've been to camp, you understand. If you haven't yet, you will...

One of the biggest responsibilities of a quality program is all of the planning and preparation that take place during the "off-season." Our goal is simple:

Provide free resources for camp staff to improve summer programming, or simply...make your life easier!

Enjoy the site!