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Top Five Viewed Camp Activities, Games & Icebreakers Categories

Large Group Games

These large group games are perfect for periods when you have to lead games for more than one group, or have to lead very large groups by yourself.

Camp Games -

Games that focus primarily on movement, interaction, and of course... FUN!!!

Low Activity Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers that minimize activity and personal risk.

Tag Variations

There are tons of ways to play Tag - here are more than 40!

High Activity Camp Fun!

These activities are perfect to create excitement and get everyone moving.



Our Personal Favorite "Guaranteed Fun" Games for Camp

Large Group Games
Before you get started, check out our "Attention Getters" article.

Alaskan Baseball
Capture the Flag
Star Wars

Team Building Activities
These initiatives are great for a wide range of campers and adults - most can be age-adapted.

Traffic Jam
Speed Pass
Helium Stick
People Machine

Tag, you're it!
The perfect way to get everyone moving. You can adapt any game so no one needs to be "out."

Amoeba Tag
Everybody's It
Toilet Tag
Slow Motion Tag
Meltdown Tag

Favorite Random Fun Camp Actvities
Well, we just didn't know where to list these fun camp ideas, so here you go...

Charades Down the Lane
Bed Sheet Ping Pong
Pencil in the bottle
Marshmallow Shooter
Celebrity Bingo

Ice Breakers
A must for the first day of camp! Great to encourage discussions with your campers at night.

Silent Interviews
People-to-People Twister

Indoor or Rainy Day Games
It never rains at Camp, only Heavy Dew!!! For indoors or close quarters...

Huckle Buckle Beanstalk
Honey if you love me
Minute Mysteries I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

Quickes & Fillers
Got a minute to pass? Need something quick to do - these propless games are perfect!

Ah So Koh
Scream Machine
Hand Game
Snake's Tail
Butt Wars

For the fun of it!!!
Children spend so much time winning or losing - well, let's just play for the fun of it!!!

Ha Ha Ha
Sally's Green Glass Doors
Triangle Tag
Auto Trip


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