You need soft objects that can be used as “Stingers”.

1. Give 2 people the “stingers” and these people are the bees.
2. All the other people are the butterflies.
3. The bees must go around stinging the butterflies (hitting them on the legs with the soft objects).
4. A butterfly that has been stung must stop where it is and freeze.
5. For a butterfly to heal, 2 untagged butterflies must link arms around the injured butterfly and escort them to a designated area in the middle where the bees cannot go. The injured butterfly will count out loud to 5 and then can get back into the game.
6. The game ends when all the butterflies are stung or when it gets boring.
A few things to note:
Butterflies that are escorting another butterfly cannot be tagged.
No butterfly can hide out in the safe area.


Soft objects for "stingers"
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